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Cause & Effect

What Is It Costing You To NOT Have An Effective Web Solution?

Its Hurting You

By not having a comprehensive web solution you are doing yourself in and missing opportunities.

Loss Of Sales

If your not selling to your potential client, your competition is!

No Leverage

If you are not leveraging effective marketing solutions, your business cannot expand and may result in closing the doors.

Slow or No Expansion

Business growth is directly proportional to your new clients you bring in your doors and your repeat business from returning clients.

Channeling You Towards Success

Success online starts with a site that looks great, is well designed, runs on a stable platform and has a strategy to help you achieve your goals. We dont just give you a window to your business, we also give you a way to turn visitors into returning clients.

Let's enhance your brand with an awesome website!

Visually stunning, securely hosted, and ready to evolve your business presence online.

Answers to Your Questions

Can I update my own website?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Remember, the more you update your website, the better your chance of ranking on Google. We will supply you with all the login details needed to access your easy-to-use content management system.

Will my website be SEO-compatible?

Absolutely, we have many tools available such as engine optimisation (SEO). With the right SEO setup, your website will have an improved ranking high on Google and other search engines.

How do I pay?

Once you contact us we will send you a quote and should you accept it we send you an invoice, which you can either pay with a credit card or pay via EFT.Β The total amount will be due upfront before any work is started on your project.

What about hosting and support?

We have various hosting solutions. Part of the selection you make may include support and mainteneace to ensure your site is kept in optimal running order.

Can you register domains?

Yes, we can register and host any choice of domain on your behalf. Domains carry an annual renewal fee payable in advance prior to expiry, which will be handled by us.

Will my website be unique?

Yes, no two websites will look exactly the same. Your website will have your own branding, images and content. There will obviously be some similarities, but the chances of your customers noticing this on another website are slim to none. If you really want a fully custom site, then we naturally can quote you on that.

What if I already have a website?

If you feel that your website is needing an upgrade, we'll design a fresh look for you. Through our onboarding process, we will determine and design your new website with all your needs, wants and desires in mind while keeping your existing site on the web. Only once the new site is ready and approved, will we move it live.