Hosting Options

Smart hosting solutions to keep you running smoothly.

Having a secure hosted website is an important part of your web solution strategy,

we have the right solutions for you!

Secure Hosting Solutions

1. A Strong Foundation for your

Website keeps you running 24/7.

Just as a house needs a strong foundation, your website needs a good server to run it, keeping your website live and accessible on the internet 24/7.

We have hosting solutions and data centres:

  • in South Africa, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands and Singapore, which are secure and reliable.

2. A Buisiness Tool

Your website is one of your strongest business tools

A tool that should be used to harness and grow your business.

Where do you start!
What do you consider?
What are the risks?

 Implementing and running a website along with getting to know how to make a website work for your business can be a daunting task.

3. Simplify

Get to the right solution

Making decisions is already difficult without all the changes in the industry, so we have simplified the choices by standardising on platforms and support areas where product is regularly updated and improved against market trends.

4. Focus

On your business

Your focus is and should be on your business! We all know how challenging running a business is without having to add being an “expert on websites” to your daily portfolio, along with content management and how to use tools to improve your market presence.

5. Get the right


Let us take the stress of having to understand an already complex back-end website environment and help you make meaningful informed decisions, along with implementing strategies to improve your income through having an effective web solution.

What you get with our Hosting Packages

Unlimited Website Traffic
Email Accounts - 1GB per Email
Spam Filtering
WordPress Site Engine
Basic Themes
Advanced Theme
Templates* *
Software Updates* *
Maintenance* *
We get your ranking higher
Run SEO checkup scans and reporting *
Create a sitemap of your site *
Search Engine notifications *
Improve wording for the Search Engines *
Advanced Social Media sharing *
Setup all the TOOLS for you
Improving your websites performance *
Insite into fixing your Google PageSpeed *
Generate performance reports *
Use our cache suite to dramatically speed up the load time *
Make your images smaller with our Gzip file compression software *
Make your images smaller with our file compression Tool *
Do regular checks to make sure your site is running *
Setup all the BACKUPS for you
Fully automated site backup solution, which is stored remotely where only you can access, manage, and restore *
Safe and secure Incremental backups *
Automated backups set to your schedule *
10GB cloud storage *
Store backups on remote destinations *
Instant email notifications *
We setup all the necessary SECURITY
Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots defence and cloaking technology. *
Scheduled security scans *
Login protection and masking *
Audit Logging *
Two-factor authentication *
Blacklist monitoring *
Vulnerability reports *
Changed file restore and repair *
We setup all the FORMS
WordPress form builder is for every website and situation *
Accept payments with Stripe and PayPal integrations *
Custom user registration and login forms (with Multisite support) *
Advanced forms with eSignature, calculations, conditional logic, dynamic pre-filling, and multi-step options *
Create Stripe subscription plans directly from the form. *
Drive more engagement with interactive quizzes and polls *
Spam protection with Honeypot, Akismet, and Google ReCAPTCHA *
Unlimited notifications with email routing and conditional emails *
Integrated submission management with scheduled exporting *
We setup the TOOLS
Run standout marketing campaigns *
UNLIMITED opt-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, and embeds *
Beautiful and responsive designer templates *
Easy integration with your favorite email providers *
Intelligent behaviors, triggers, and conditions *
Bypass AD blockers *
Social share across all your pages and posts *
Block spam with Google ReCAPTCHA *
We setup the ANALYTICS
Turn on the full power of site analytics *
With our tool you can quickly and easily add Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics to your sites. *
Google Analytics connection *
Google Tag Manager integration *
Customize data and dashboard to suit *
Multisite analytics reports *
Monitor posts, pages, and referring links *
Track personal data and comply with GDPR *
We configure and run all maintenance, update, backups and security on a weekly basis, sometimes daily.

*These items are managed and configured by you. If you would like us to handle and manage those items for you, please select the PRO+ option.

Sample Templates

Interior Design

Business Consultant



Coffee Shop

Auto Repairer


Farmers Market

Handyman Services

Answers to Your Questions

Can I update my own website?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. Remember, the more you update your website, the better your chance of ranking on Google. We will supply you with all the login details needed to access your easy-to-use content management system.

Will my website be SEO-compatible?

Absolutely, we have many tools available such as engine optimisation (SEO). With the right SEO setup, your website will have an improved ranking high on Google and other search engines.

How do I pay?

Once you contact us we will send you a quote and should you accept it we send you an invoice, which you can either pay with a credit card or pay via EFT. The total amount will be due upfront before any work is started on your project.

What about hosting and support?

We have various hosting solutions. Part of the selection you make may include support and mainteneace to ensure your site is kept in optimal running order.

Can you register domains?

Yes, we can register and host any choice of domain on your behalf. Domains carry an annual renewal fee payable in advance prior to expiry, which will be handled by us.

Will my website be unique?

Yes, no two websites will look exactly the same. Your website will have your own branding, images and content. There will obviously be some similarities, but the chances of your customers noticing this on another website are slim to none. If you really want a fully custom site, then we naturally can quote you on that.

What if I already have a website?

If you feel that your website is needing an upgrade, we'll design a fresh look for you. Through our onboarding process, we will determine and design your new website with all your needs, wants and desires in mind while keeping your existing site on the web. Only once the new site is ready and approved, will we move it live.

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